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Who Am I ?

I am Scott Hunsucker. I am proud to be me. I was born in 1974, in Oklahoma.  My family came from Arkansas to California to Oklahoma. I am the son of Ronney E. Hunsucker, a Sgt.  of the 4/9 Manchus of Vietnam, who is the son of Retes Hunsucker, a Marine during the Korean War era. Who is the son of Hiram Hunsucker that moved from California to Oklahoma. Who is the son of Bud Hunsucker that came from Germany to California either during a land run or gold rush.  I am a patroit and proud of my Country, my heritage, and my family. It didn't use to be this way.  My Grandfather was a Preacher, and likewise, my father was also.  I was raised very sheilded and very strict.  I couldn't go to my Jr. Prom because my dad didn't believe in dancing....I had to sneak to my senior prom.  When I reached 18 I started my rebellion phase of life.  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN an answer to the question "WHAT IS THE GATEWAY DRUG?" well, for me it was cigarettes.  I began smoking.  I found a pack of cigarettes in the trunk of my moms car and "used" them to stay awake to go to work at 4am.  When I turned 20, and was MOVED OUT of my parents house, I finally lost my virginity.  When I reached 21, about 2 minutes ofter 12am I bought my first beer.  It wasn't long until I was drinking full time.  It got so bad that at one time all that was in the house was budweiser and dog biscuits. Consequently, that makes a good cereal, if it's all you have.  Then one day a friend offers you a joint. Next thing you know your selling pot by the quarter pound.  Then, you encounter another friend that says "TRY THIS...IT MAKES YOUR HIGH LAST LONGER" it was a very addicting substance, CRANK.  My big butt lost 120lbs. in 9 months. I started snorting it. Then smoking it. Then using needles.  I was very fortunate that GOD was still watching over me in midst of my stupidity.  This lasted for a long time.  I then made a decision one day while I was looking at my pale skinny face in the mirror. My decision was to quit while I was still ahead.  I felt like my life was spinning in a mud puddle, and sinking fast.  Ya know you lie to yourself by thinking your in control all the time, but part of the high is that your not in control. Funny huh?  God made a way for me I didn't experience ANY withdrawl at all!!!! NONE!!!! I dis-associoated myself from my "friends" and began to get to know my family all over again. By this time, My dad had already killed himself because mom left him, and I lost my girlfriend, my truck, my house, my job, and my dad.  I had nothing. IT WAS MY FAULT!  Then my ex-girlfriend told me she was going to have my baby. WHAT?!?!?--a life changer-- I got a job working at a radio station, and a theater.  My grandparents on moms side co-signed for me a truck.  I moved back in with my mom and her new boyfriend, which was only 4 years older than me....and put in my application at a correctional facility. I figured if I was going to jail it would be on the right side instead of the other.  I eventually bought me a trailor and even GOT CUSTODY OF MY SON.  So, who do I think I am?   A boy that became a MAN. Through Jesus Christ.


This was me in 1994

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